Francisca Del Carmen Aguilar

Dear San Diego High Community,

I hope this message finds you well.  A short time ago, the Board of Education approved the appointment of Francisca Del Carmen Aguilar as the new principal of San Diego High.

Ms. Del Carmen is an experienced leader with deep roots in the community — and is a proud graduate of San Diego High. For seven years, Ms. Del Carmen served our students as a teacher and a counselor before going on to work as a teacher and vice principal of Mira Mesa High School. She currently lives in Logan Heights and leads critical initiatives for our district’s Integrated Youth Services Division and the Counseling and Guidance Department.

You have all made tremendous progress at San Diego High School and your collective efforts have enabled you to develop a shared vision, shared focus and a shared sense of commitment to our students. More than ever, you are truly, a united community.

I am committed to supporting Ms. Del Carmen and the entire San Diego High School community to stay on course and leverage the all of the work that has already been accomplished. I was honored to work with Ms. Montero as she served as interim principal and I am looking forward to our continued work together.

These are exciting times for San Diego High, and we have much to celebrate. The Cavers will compete for the state football championship this weekend – Go Cavers!  And the campus is scheduled for a major renovation. Finally, thank you for your input and participation in the principal selection process and thank you for everything you do every day to help our students succeed.

With appreciation,
Sofia Freire,
Area Superintendent