Wall of Honor Nomination Form

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Criteria for Nomination to Wall of Honor 

Part 1             History of Leadership and Service

At SDHS, the nominee participated in activities supporting classmates, the school, the staff, or the SDHS community, and/or as a graduate of SDHS participated in activities that supported fellow alumni as described in the Mission Statement of the Alumni Association.  Written nominations for Part 1 are to include: examples of leadership, participation, quality of service, and length of service.

Part 2             Alumni Association Member

As a SDHS alumnus, the nominee has supported alumni activities of their class, or was the leader in one or more Alumni Association activities, and/or SDHS Foundation activities; or was involved in a successful activity in a community- based organization in their community–whether in California or another location.  Written nominations for Part 2 are to include examples of participation in the organization, high level of success and on-going active involvement over time.  Examples offered may not duplicate or overlap those described in Part 1.

Part 3             Community Activities

The nominee has demonstrated leadership and/or long-term active involvement accomplishing significant success in their profession; and/or has accomplished noteworthy voluntary activities that support and perpetuate high level goals of a community organization.  Written nominations are to include a description of the profession or occupation and the relevance of the service or accomplishment in quality terms that merit recognition, such as: long-term active participation in the Alumni Association; an outstanding educational leader; a physician, a long-term leader or significant volunteer in a community.

Part 4             Public Service

The nominee has personal accomplishments in their state, or nationally or internationally which are superior in quality and quantity.  Such meritorious accomplishments may be inside or outside of professional duties, but must be of such significance that it is apparent the quantity and quality of the candidate’s actions are superior, well above average, or the best in the field.  Written nominations should include but are not limited to these examples: An elected state or national political leader, a religious leader, a philanthropist, an outstanding supporter of the SDHS Foundation and/or the Alumni Association.

Part 5            Other

The nominee has experience, acumen, performance, talent and/or contributions that exceed most other graduates in quantity or quality in an area not previously described in parts 1-4 above.  Qualifications in this area may be simply defined as the best anyone has to offer; of such superior talent, action, effect, or quantity, that there is no doubt of the meritorious status of this individual.  Examples could be, but are not limited to, an academy award winner, an Olympian, a national record holder, an all-star, a distinguished author.

Part 6            Include selected personal Information (interests, hobbies, family,)

            Additional information may be submitted.

Nomination Forms must be submitted to the Wall of Honor committee and are to be received in the alumni office June 1.
Any nomination form received after June 1 will be considered the following year.

Nomination of a Caver to the Wall of Honor - 2021

SDHS Alumni Association

Wall of Honor 2021

Wall of Honor nominations open April 1st and close June 1st, 2021.
Nomination for this year's Wall of Honor will be accepted by filling out the ONLINE APPLICATION only.
This form can be a little intimidationg but we have put it in a step-by-step format.
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 Eligibility Only: Alumni of San Diego High School 



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Part 1 History of Leadership and Service

Part 2 Alumni Association Member

Part 3 Community Activities

Part 4 Public Service

Part 5 Other

Part 6 Include selected personal Information (interests, hobbies, family,)
Additional information may be submitted.

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