Campus Action Partners

Marci Paraiso Heider '62

The Balboa Park 2015 Centennial Celebration Committee has a “new” name: Campus Action Partners.
Because the collaborative efforts between the Alumni Association, Foundation and PTSA were such a huge success in 2015, the three organizations decided to continue supporting student activities in 2016 and changed their name to SDHS CAP.

Last year, the committee’s involvement included the All School Campus Clean-up; Balboa Park student field trips and an on-campus historical speaker/presentation; Student Art & Writing Competitions; and re[CHOIR]ed’s Spring Concert.

Campus Pride: On February 20, 2016, over 150 student clubs, organizations and athletic teams, staff, parents and volunteers from the CAP Committee showed up to sweep up trash, rake leaves, dig up dead plants, pull weeds and plant new plants.

Breakfast snacks, juice, water and a pizza lunch with cookies and brownies were supplied by the Alumni Association, Foundation and PTSA.

Representing the Alumni Association were:
Eddie Head;
Gaspar Luna Oliveira;
Pete Gumina;
Rae Riner;
Linda Henry
Marci Heider

Amy Villafranca,
Sandy Rickon
Tina Hallen
represented the PTSA and CAP.  

Shirley Knox, representing the Foundation and CAP, was there in spirit and donated all the cookies.

Special thanks to Sandy Rickon (PTSA) and Kenny Merritt (ASB) for their tireless help in organizing this event and for collecting filled trash bags and keeping the hard working volunteers hydrated.



December 2016
The CAP Committee teamed-up with the Senior Class to participate in the Annual Balboa Park’s S.D. Floral Association’s Festival of Trees. The organizing group was headed by Ashley Shannon, Senior Class President, Natalee Whitlock, Teacher Advisor and Marci Heider, Alumni Association representative. The students selected “North Pole Endangered Animals” as their theme.

See the photos below of the decorated tree and the Senior Class students who decorated the tree. Special thanks to Gaspar Luna Oliveira, Alumni Vice President, for recommending this event.

“Walk-Talk-Trash Monthly Clean-up”
Our on-going mission to keep the front of the school clean was launched on October 5, 2016. The first Wednesday of each month, volunteers meet for one hour to walk, talk and pick-up trash along Park Boulevard between I-5 and Russ Boulevard.

After picking-up trash, we gather in the PTSA Parent Room for coffee and treats provided by the Caver Coffee Crew Club, students from the Transitions Skills Class. A special $200.00 donation from Joe Dini, President Emeritus of the Alumni Association, helped to fund the Caver Coffee Crew.

Student Field Trips
The PTSA budgeted funds for museum field trips and campus speakers. This year, the CAP Committee provided funding for a Sea World field trip for four Special Education classes and a field trip to Six Flags for the Caver Coffee Crew.

2017 SDHS CAP Committee
SDHS PTSA: Amy Villafranca, Sandy Rickon, Gabriela Contreras-Misirlioglu, Jill Molyneaux, KD Pham
SDHS Alumni Association: Marci Heider
SDHS Foundation: Shirley Knox
SDHS Staff: Marisol Duenas