Dear San Diego High School Military Veteran Teachers and Support Staff,

In cooperation with the SDHS Alumni Association, SDHS JROTC wishes to honor SDHS Alumni who are military Veterans at our home football game on September 22nd in an effort to acknowledge one of the ways graduates serve their nation and community.  Even if you did not graduate from SDHS, you are considered part of the Alumni family and are respectfully invited to attend this home game and be recognized.

I understand and respect any reluctance you may feel by allowing yourself to be honored; I myself have experienced the same sentiment.  However, this demonstration is for the benefit of our students.  By taking pride in the fact that they share a bond with people who have served their country selflessly, perhaps they too will consider service to their nation and community.

The time commitment for honorees will be minimal; they will be asked to come down from the bleachers during the football game half-time as a 10-second biography is read.  They will then be presented a certificate from Cadet Olivia Howard, a SDHS student.  The entire ceremony will not take more than ten minutes.  It will start at approximately 7:30 PM, but football game times are variable.

If you are a military Veteran and can attend this ceremony, I ask that you do so.  Please RSVP to me by September 15th or earlier, and I will provide additional requests for military service information.  Thank you.

Lars K. Staack
Senior Army Instructor, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired)
JROTC, San Diego High School