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President’s Message


Another year has come and gone at SDHS with 478 seniors graduating this year. This year was a very successful school year.

The SDHS Alumni Association received $2,500.00 in donations from its membership. The funds were used for academics, athletics, and to help us defer the cost of printing our newsletter.

With your contributions to the SDHS Alumni Association for either academics or athletics, the SDHS Foundation will send you a donation letter that you can use for tax purposes.

CIF Championships

There were a few CIF Championships this year at SDHS.

  • Ladies Soccer won their San Diego Section CIF Soccer League title for the first time in SDHS history. They have a bright, talented team coming back next year and I’m confident they will be a contender once again.
  • The boys’ basketball team won their San Diego Section CIF Basketball Title for the second year in a row.
  • Your SDHS football team not only won the San Diego CIF Section League title but also won the CIF Southern Regional TitleAnd won to win the CIF State Championship.

Against all the odds, being the only team to not play at a neutral site and having to travel one hour north of Sacramento to Colfax HS, the “Cavers” won the State CIF Championship game for the first time in school history.

After the game, the Mayor of San Diego called Coach James to congratulate him and the team for bringing a championship title to San Diego.

New Principal

This year SDHS welcomed a new principal, Francisca Del Carmen-Aguilar. Mrs. Del Carmen Aguilar is an alumnus of SDHS from the class of 2000.

During her high school years, Mrs. Del Carmen was involved in ASB and other school activities.

After leaving SDHS, she went on to get her teaching credentials, became a school counselor, and Vice-Principal.

Before being selected as the new principal for SDHS, Mrs. Del-Carmen- Aguilar worked at the SD Unified District Office’s Integrated Youth Services.

New Athletic Director

This year SDHS also welcomed a new Athletic Director, Jennifer Ducat. Ms. Ducat has been a teacher at SDHS for over 14 years and has a passion for helping the students.

Ms. Ducat will also serve as Dean of Students and GeoTech Academy Director.

Eddie Head, ‘73
SDHS Alumni Association President