John Elijah Awarded Joe Schloss Award

On February 19, 2018, Rae Riner, SDHS Foundation President and Eddie Head, The Alumni Association President, presented a Plaque to John Elijah, Greens keeper for the baseball fields at SDHS.

He has shown true dedication and consistency in preparing and maintaining the fields for the students.

When he received his Plaque he commented: “ It gives me so much pleasure to keep the fields nice so that our kids can be proud to play on them and to be proud of helping to make SDHS attractive to visitors. I love what I’m doing!”



By Coach William Mercado

Over the past several years John has made a huge impact on the San Diego High Baseball program and has played a major roll in the programs success with his hard work, experience, and dedication. Johns support never goes unnoticed here at the San Diego High baseball field. His effort and hard work on the field impacts the entire Caver community when they come to the baseball field and see how beautiful our field is.

His experience alone over the past several years goes above and beyond for the program and has saved us thousands of dollars a year on field renovation, upkeep, and maintenance. John always does more than expected of him without being asked and he ensures we have a high quality field to play on everyday. Each year after the Veteran Stand Down John renovates our entire field with no issues or setbacks to affect fall work outs.

 Which goes a long way in preparation for having our players ready to compete at the highest level for the spring season. Having a great field to practice and compete on really brings peace and happiness to all the players, Alumni, families, and opponents that come by our field.He has always been diligent with preventive maintenance in ensuring our field is safe, prepped, and playable for all practices and games.

Soon as we get to the field its always ready to go so we can focus on practice and games. The peace of mind in knowing that for players and coaches goes a long way. We appreciate John and are happy to honor and present the 2018 Joe Schloss Inspirational Award to him.