2012 WALL OF HONOR RECIPIENT Diana (McCann) Cammack

On October 16, 2017, Dr. Diana (McCann)Cammack, international research consultant and 1962 SDHS graduate, and husband, Tim Cammack, spoke to a lively group of 11th Grade AVID students about pursuing a career in international relations and getting involved and making a real impact in the global community.

Diana reached out to students who share similar backgrounds, emphasizing that a career such as hers is attainable no matter where you lived and grew up. Tim, who is English, also works in the field with a background in finance and accounting, works for foreign governments’ departments and with the UN.

Diana was inducted into the Alumni Association’s Wall of Honor in 2012 during the Class of 1962’s 50th Class Reunion. Diana was born in Coronado and raised in Golden Hills in a working class family. She attended SD City College, graduated with a BA Magna cum Laude from UCSD in Non-western History, and took a PhD in African and European History at UC Irvine.

She has lived overseas since the late 1970s when she left to do her PhD research in Johannesburg. Since then she has worked as a research consultant for a number of international agencies (the UN, British and American governments etc.) and has managed teams of researchers in Africa, Asia and Europe.

She has published extensively o+1nt and politics, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as on human rights, refugees, conflict, and governance. She continues to research and write and to give advice to foreign governments on international development and governance, while living in England and South Africa.